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It's finally here! A calendar program to satisfy any user's needs. IDEAL Calendar allows the user to insert an unlimited amount of occasions. The program displays a dialog and plays a sound on the occasions the user specifies. The program runs in the system tray and contains many features. The excellent options and user-interface make this program truly ideal. The program has a single or multiple user mode. Download plug-ins to extend the functionality. Try the program for free with no restrictions.

Most Popular Features

- Print calendar exactly as you see it (WYSIWYG)
- Select any image for your background (JPG/GIF/BMP)
- Share occasions over the network (Private and Public entries)
- Create multiple calendars
- Backup/Restore capabilities
- Various types of recurring events
- Plug-ins to add more features. (PDA Export/Import, HTML Calendar, etc...)

Calendar Occasions

The calendar comes with default categories:
Anniversary, birthday, special, meeting, or miscellaneous. You can also create your own categories.

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Other Options

- Allow recurring events.
- Display a dialog and play a tone when the occasion occurs.
- Change occasion colors.
- Highlight or outline the current day.
- Select the day the week begins on.
- Shade the weekends.
- Suspend Feature.
- Months and days display in English, Dutch, Spanish, and French.
- Export occasions to text, PDA(Datebook), HTML, CSV, etc...
- Import occasions from a CSV or other applications. - Display common holidays and add custom holidays
- Any font can be used on the calendar.
- Display the calendar every day at a selected time.
- Notified of occasions minutes, hours, or days in advance.
- Rolling month display.
- And much more...


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Online Help
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